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Whatever, I said this when the song first came out and I’ll say it again.  Blurred Lines is not a song about Rape, there’s no rape culture in the song, and for people to still bring that up and to now credit it to his separation from his wife is the dumbest thing that is happening on this website. 

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Let’s face it, lads. There are well worse songs than Blurred Lines out there. Aside from the fact that Pharrel (who wrote the song, by the way - that one isn’t on Thicke) has explicitly stated that the song is about having an affair rather than rape, it only suggests inappropriate things, and…

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If you still believe that “Blurred Lines” is a rape anthem, and that it’s full of rapey phrases and that it’s emotionally abusive and that the video is derogatory and that he deserves literally hundreds of thousands of people hating on him, you probably need to get your head checked for being a terrible human being.

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Typical rap song; "Bitches bitches bitches. Nigga I got money & bitches suckin mah dick. Niggaaaaa" Nobody cares. White person; "but you're an animal. you're a good girl" HOLY SHIT MISOGYNIST!11!


If those morons actually read the lyrics they’d know it wasn’t about rape. Even sadder, the feminists found the lyrics and then got victims of rape to hold up signs with lyrics from the song saying “This is what my rapist told me” innocuous phrases that could be applied to every situation or any sort of sexual assault. They literally picked that song apart to be offended when songs like “slob on my knob” exist.

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It is indeed a song about the blurred lines of consent. However, people (feminists) keep trying to say it’s about taking a “no” for a “yes” when in reality it is the “blurred lines” of a lack of either a “yes” or a “no” AND of the moral implications of having sex with a woman who is in a…

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…and I can conclude that it is no more or less rapey than any other piece of shit song that makes it to the charts. Feminists, you read way too much into things.

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Feminists: “Blurred Lines is about rape because of the line “I know you want it” and rapists say that to their victims!”

Feminists: “A woman said she doesn’t need feminism?! She doesn’t know what feminism REALLY is! We know she wants it!”

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If you think Blurred Lines is about rape and Robin Thicke is a scumbag you’re an idiot.

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Oh look, it’s what everyone thought “Blurred Lines” sounded like when it actually didn’t.

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2014 is almost over and we’re still arguing that Blurred Lines is a rape song. T.I, Pharrell and Miley Cyrus don’t get any criticism for singing the song with Robin Thicke and the music video was made by a woman. "I politely remind my friends that it’s a song about rape." Get the fuck over…

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